The Best Swimsuits For Plus-Size Women


As a plus size woman, you don’t need to aspire to that “ideal body” to fit in a bikini. You have all that it takes to flaunt what you have and let others appreciate who you are. 

To achieve that, you need to find appropriate cuts that will accentuate your curvy assets. The fashion world has finally woken up to design plus size swimsuit to enhance your natural beauty as you embark on your vacay in the sun.

This guide will help you select the right swimwear that will offer comfort while making you feel magnificent.

Swimwear Styles

Before making up your mind on the right swimwear, it is very important to consider a few popular styles that will enhance the shape of your body. Keep in mind that the swimwear comes in different types of cuts to choose from.  


Bikinis with low-waist bottoms will give your torso that lengthened look by resting comfortably on your lower parts of your hips.

The high-waist bottoms wrap up your abdomen and pulls everything in to give the optics of a cinched waist.


The skirted bottom, for instance, is designed to give you that flirtatious edge while leaving some modesty (and mystery) intact.


If you’re active or do more than lay in the sun, shorts will give you a sporty look and offer functional design.


The traditional brief is a classic bikini style that provides just enough coverage of your rear.


It’s hard to believe that there was a time when the tankini was not yet invented. This style has taken the swimwear world by such a storm that it deserves its own lengthy section.

Tankinis are effective at concealing your midsection. They often come in designs with a band that accentuates your waist. Like a tank top (thus the name!), you can pair it with a bikini bottom, bathing suit skirt, or swim shorts. Truthfully, you cannot go wrong with a tankini.

Tankinis have evolved to be a swim staple and as such, styles now include flowy cuts, flared, and form-fitting styles. The square neckline is back with a vengeance and gives you an air of class and those with thicker straps offer extra bust support.

It’s recommended to enrich your wardrobe by adding a variety of tankinis to your swimsuit collections. Find the best swim tops and bottoms to enhance your physique for the purpose of feeling nice when out there enjoying your holiday.

Likely, you will find a lot of fun and fashionable tankini sets in many designs and patterns. They range from stripes to flowers all the way to geometric images printed to bring out style and beauty for you to mix and match.  

The availability of several bathing suits and bikini swimsuits gives an option to select the best plus size swimwear of your desire.

The best suggestion when shopping for your plus size bathing suit is to go by your body type. Not all of you have the same body type and for that reason, purchasing the right swimsuit that brings out your best physical features puts you one step ahead to enjoy your vacation by the water.