Los Angeles Speech Therapy for Kids with Autism


Children affected by autism and other developmental disorders often show signs of communication impairment. In some cases, a doctor or pediatrician might refer a family to a speech-language pathologist (SLP). SLPs can help with speech production or even introduce alternatives to speech like the use of technology that supports communication for language production. Parents all over California are looking into speech therapy. Speech therapy Los Angeles provides is a series of training exercises for children who struggle to communicate properly according to their age.

L.A. has many SLPs to choose from, but you should make sure you do your homework first. Take some time on your own to learn about what speech therapists do, how methods can differ for each individual’s needs, and what to expect as a parent. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the basics of speech therapy for autism.
Speech Therapy Programs: Goals of Speech-Language Pathology for Autism

Here in Los Angeles, speech therapy can be easier to find that in some other cities and towns across the nation. If your child has trouble communicating or is nonverbal, take advantage of all the resources at your fingertips. Talk with your doctor about possible causes and treatment with an SLP.

Communication is the key to development for children diagnosed with autism. Everything from forming relationships to functioning in their world depends on it. Finding compassionate care and treatment for your child as early as possible can benefit your autistic child in so many ways, increasing their potential for positive outcomes later in life.
Here is How Speech Therapy can Benefit Children with Autism: 


  • The Ability to Express What They Want or Need 

Both verbal and non-verbal communication are important parts of speech therapy. Children who are diagnosed with autism should know how to express their thoughts with other children and adults. This helps them develop good relationships with family, peers, teachers, and others. One such speech therapy Los Angeles has available is Speak Live Play, which can benefit your child and whole family greatly. 

  • To Understand Others 

It is equally important to understand others as much as developing the ability to express oneself. A speech therapist can help young children to understand and comprehend what is being said to them. This also includes facial expression reading and helps children to start a conversation when they want to. From understanding body language cues, kids diagnosed with autism can better learn to understand others. California is a great place to begin your search for answers on your child’s communication difficulties;, particularly Los Angeles speech therapy providers. Therapy continues to help young children understand not only themselves but others as well. Take it from parents who have already begun their journey in Speak Live Play’s review section as linked above. 

  • Developing Relationships and Friendships 


When a child diagnosed with autism grows up, the biggest challenge is finding a group of friends or peers who can understand them. Speech therapy paves the way to build good friendships and relationships by communicating and understanding others efficiently. With therapy, spontaneity and unpredictability of a casual conversation are dealt with. Therapy helps the kids to feel a social success. 

  • Learn to Communicate so as to be Understood 


Sometimes, children with autism show a special learning pattern or unusual language processing. They could have trouble with formal language as well as spoken language. For instance, they might learn the spoken language as one big chunk instead of cutting down into words or sentences. This would prove to be difficult to understand and be understood. This is termed as ‘echolalia’ and speech therapy helps overcome this condition.

  • Articulation of Sentences in the Right Way 


Most children diagnosed with autism find it difficult to form sentences or understand words. They might even find the articulation of sounds as a difficult task. The children could also find abstract language, contextual meaning, and time concepts difficult to understand and follow. A speech pathologist would be able to step in and help with idioms, hints, and use an indirect way of addressing or giving instructions. This will help the child be confident about his/her communication skills as well.
What is the Ideal Time to Start Speech Therapy for Children with Autism?

Generally, the earlier one starts the therapy, the better is the chance of development. Before the age of 3, most children are identified with autism. The language delays may be found when the child is younger as 18 months. Speech therapy started at an earlier stage has proved to have the most impact. One could opt for intensive and individual treatment to help reduce the difficulty and social communication disability.
Does the Speech Therapy Really Work?

When speech therapy is given to children at a young age, it has helped in early identification. Nearly two out of three children have improved their communication skills compared to their peers without therapy. Children with ongoing therapy have more rate of success than the children without regular therapy sessions. Consistently supporting the children at home is crucial to see development in them.
Does Your Child Need Speech therapy?

Children’s special pathologists and early intervention therapists work closely with young children affected by autism. They are also in touch with occupational therapists, child psychologists, as well as teachers to track the child’s development. If identified as a child who needs therapy, the child will have the scope to better their skills at communication, behavior as well as learning! 

Speak Live Play is a speech therapy Los Angeles provider; speech therapy and feeding therapy are her passions. She is a dedicated and experienced pathologist who can help you better understand the language barrier between you and your child.