How To Make Sure Your Diet Shakes Are Vegan: They Contain Plant-Based Proteins 


You probably want to shed off those extra pounds but exercising on a regular basis and less eating offers no tangible results. Could diet powder shakes be the answer to your weight loss goals? Diet shakes or meal replacements are drinks, soups, and bars that substitute a solid meal and have controlled nutrients and calories contents.  

Do Diet Shakes Work?  

The diet shakes are taken as a meal or healthy snack to kill hunger pangs or satisfy a craving before the next meal. Additionally, they are easy to make and leaves one filling full.  

Nutritionists and other health experts have raised a few concerns about the meal replacement diets. For starters, they might not be balanced and low-fat diets with plenty of vegetables and fruits. However, others feel that the diet shakes are effective in weight reduction compared to the weight loss diets. Researchers say diet shakes help jump-start weight loss, thanks to the controlled calories. For the diet to work, however, it is important to have a daily calorie allowance and include exercises.  

Protein Benefits to the Body

Vegetarians tend to have a limited protein intake because of their restrictive diet. Proteins are the building blocks of life and play a crucial role in the body such as:   

  • Promotes growth of strong and healthy hair and nails
  • Renews the body cells
  • Nutrient transportation around the body

Vegans can get protein from plant sources such as legumes, beans, and nuts.  

Is Your Diet Shake Is Vegan And Has Plant-Based Proteins?

Thanks to the recent technological advancements, there are plant-based meal replacement shakes with an unbelievably great taste. The vegan shakes do not have any soy, egg sugar, or dairy too. Also, they are nutritious and contain plant-based ingredients that promote weight loss.

Your diet shakes should have the following components for it to be vegan and plant-based:

The Proprietary Blend of Plant-Based Proteins

Diet shakes contain the perfect blend in a perfect ratio of each plant protein to give you optimal results. Some of the proteins used in the formula include brown rice, pea and hemp protein which are a powerhouse of nutrients. The shake helps boost your metabolism, keep you full and energized. Other sources of plant-based proteins include the legumes and nuts.  

The plant-based proteins are a healthier option compared to animal protein as they are real “package food “deal. They contain healthy accompaniments of vitamins, fiber, minerals, and carbohydrates. Also, they have low cholesterol and fat levels. The proteins also replace the carbohydrates which help speed up weight loss. Unlike the carbohydrates, proteins take long to digest before releasing energy, making it a better energy source. It eliminates the need to consume carbohydrates during or after the workout.  

Other components of a vegan and plant-protein based shake include:

The Optimal Fiber Blend

Fiber helps improve the digestive process and keep you full. It also helps flush toxins which aid in weight loss. The special fiber blend present in the vegan shakes gives the body the required fiber intake each day. Always make sure your diet shakes have a good source of fiber. 

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals help boost immunity, digestion, and the overall well-being of an individual. The vegan shakes should contain over 30 percent of the recommended daily allowance of the minerals and vitamins. Some of the essential nutrients to look out for include magnesium, iodine, Vitamin A and C, and calcium.  

Super Green Foods Blend

Many people find nothing appealing about some food items such as broccoli and barley grass powder. For starters, they appear to be tasteless. However, they are crucial in creating a powerhouse shake that leaves you energized and supply the body with fuel. Clean and healthy eating is hard and including some superfoods such as beet juice, kales, and organic maca root in the vegan diets makes it easy and effortless. The superfoods also contain phytonutrients and antioxidants that aid in weight loss. However, good diet shakes will taste great, even with vegetables added.  


Probiotics are crucial for the health of the get. The most common strain is the Lactobacillus Acidophilus that helps boost immunity, promote the overall health, and support weight loss. The probiotics are a crucial ingredient in any vegan plant-based shake.  

Before making a purchase, read the labels on the pack to determine what proteins are available and in what quantities.  

Final Thoughts 

When you are shopping for diet shakes as a vegan, always make sure that they have plant based proteins and are packed with leafy green superfood.