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John from Cheshire “As we were relatively close (70 miles), we visited their showrooms (3 times) and were very pleased we did as we found most of their kitchen range on display in a wide variety of layouts and we were able to verify the quality of their products compared to samples from other leading manufacturers that were available on site for comparison.

We were a little daunted at the prospect of designing the kitchen and correctly ordering all the right constituent parts but, at the finish, we were very pleased we had to do this as it ensured we got the design we wanted after we reviewed each option before making a decision. We asked lots of questions, online and on-site, and were pleased by the friendly and helpful responses received; at no time did we feel we were being sold a kitchen.

We were given cost-saving tips such as where to use cut-down plinths to simulate end-panels where the rangecooker met the base units.

Having ordered the kitchen and prior to delivery, a problem of our making arose and DIY-Kitchens exceeded our expectations in resolving the issue; they were excellent.
Our fitter was very impressed with the units and their packing and he now advises all his clients to check DIY-Kitchens before making a purchase.

After fitting, we discovered only one problem (a door hinge that wasn’t 100%) and DIY-Kitchens immediately sent a replacement part.

We are delighted with our new kitchen and have no reservations in recommending them highly to our friends.”