Handleless Graphite Smooth Painted | Real Kitchens


Richard from Crawley “Dear DIY kitchens, Please see our completed 29m2 newly built extension, which is now my beautiful kitchen dinner now.

My husband and I designed, choose the units and put it together, without a carpenter, designer, architect or anyone’s help. So im very proud of our finished look.

Unfortunately our table with chairs are not here yet but it will be a grey modern concrete affect table with grey, green and yellow chairs.

You will see the marine aquarium is not finish yet but again all the frame built in to your unit by us to keep the few tones of weight. The tank is 3m long.

My dishwasher is an open door assist and it was my best choice ever. Just push the door in and it is opens now the kids putting the dishes away as they cant get enough of if and it is not breaking my nails when i try to open it due to handles door.

Ps I’m a Nurse and Richard is a Warehouse Manager, so we are not in the building trade, hence i’m so proud of us!