Everything You need to Know Before Getting Your First Actor Headshots in Los Angeles


A headshot is an important marketing tool for any actor. It’s more like a calling card from which people will hire you. For many years, Los Angeles has been the home of best headshots photographers. When it comes to professional headshots, here is what you need to keep in mind:

Headshots must look like the real you.

Since the casting directors go through hundreds of photos on daily basis, they can easily identify a photo that looks different from how you do in real life. As a rule of thumb, you should choose clothes you’re comfortable in. Most headshots Los Angeles photographers will offer up to five clothing changes to bring a variety of different looks. Try to stay away from distracting colors and patterns. Always consider your audience and target market.

Photo orientation

From a professional point of view, vertical headshots are they best. They pop more in a gallery of thumbnails compared to landscape photos.

Go for color headshots

For many years, black and white has dominated the market. Since we are in a digital world, many directors considercolor headshots as a more accurate presentation of how you look. It’s the best way for someone to immediately recognize you.

Camera angle

Stay away from angles and funny poses. Angled headshots are regarded as a sign of dishonesty. In order to avoid them, the photographer should hold the camera slightly higher than your eye level. Most headshots Los Angeles photographers will help you relax before taking the shot.

It’s all about your eyes

Eye contact is an important element of a great headshot. Just like any other on-camera acting, your eyes should be energized and perfectly in focus. There should be no sign of strong inner thoughts behind the eyes. Always look at the camera without creating facial expressions.

In a nut shell, the key ingredient to a professional headshot is honesty. Any headshot that shows a smack of dishonesty will make many directors not want to do business with you. On the other hand, you should have a commercial and theatrical headshot. A commercial shot is designed to appeal the advertising industry while theatrical shot is geared towards being cast in TV shows, plays, and films.

How to choose great headshots Los Angeles photographers

When looking for acting auditions, you must have the best headshot photographs. Let me walk you through 7 important steps to choose the right headshot photographer.

Ask for recommendations

Picking a professional headshot photographer can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Los Angeles is the home to the finest headshots photographers. This is where networking comes in handy. You should ask for recommendations from family and friends. Other than that, try to interact with other actors and ask them to direct you to the right photographers in LA.

Carry out an in-depth research

You don’t want to get scammed by someone asking for weird payment plans. It’s important that you do a thorough research based on the recommendations. The best headshots Los Angeles photographers will always have a website where you can see their past work. Make sure you read their reviews to gauge their reputation. Most importantly, take your time to examine their portfolio. Check whether they meet all the requirements we’ve discussed above.

Schedule for a meeting

You should email or call the photographer to schedule for a meeting. If he or she takes two or more days to respond, that is not a good sign. However, if they are pleasant and trustworthy, you can agree on the day for the photoshoot. The photographer may ask for a small upfront fee as deposit to start the work.

Actual photo shoot

This is where the rubber meets the road. If you are well-prepared to the best of your abilities, you should feel comfortable. Just relax and trust the photographer.

Choose your photos wisely

Pick your two-favorite commercial and theoretical shots that are going to be your calling card in the industry. Your photographer should help you narrow it down. Make sure they meet the criteria we discussed above.

Retouch the photos

Mishaps can happen; maybe your collar was out of place or you had a stray hair. Try to sit with someone who knows how to correct the error using Photoshop. Make sure you don’t go overboard.


Print enough copies of 8-by-10 inches. Be proud of your professional headshots.


Many professional photographers will charge between $100 and $450. This is a fair cost especially for beginning actors.

Now that you have your tips and tricks for starting out, do your research and find the right photographer for you.