Diet Shakes for Lunch


Come lunch time, you can feel super hungry, and this isn’t uncommon. Especially if you didn’t have a proper breakfast or have been working hard all morning. For most, lunch is their favorite meal of the day and if you work a normal 9-5 job, it can be easy to justify going to a fast food restaurant so you can get back to work sooner. 

That can be a big mistake if you are trying to lose weight or on a diet! It’s hard to control ourselves when it comes to lunch. Luckily, if you are busy during the day like I am, and need a quick fix. Diet solutions might be a perfect solution. Of course, it’s not magic and you must maintain a healthy eating plan, but diet shakes can go a long way in slimming down your waist and helping you avoid temptation.  

What you need is the right diet plan to help you out, and diet shakes, combined with exercises, might be your best bet to help you lead a fitter and healthier life.  

Consider Diet Shakes for Lunch?  

According to health experts, diet shakes can be a great way to kick-start your weight loss program. Not everyone can commit to a low fat diet and for them diet shakes can be the easy way out. It makes sense to go for a diet shake and some salad rather than opting for a pizza or bag of chips.  

Why are Diet Shakes Great for Lunch? 

North General Hospital in New York City’s Obesity and Diabetes Program Director, Cathy Nonas says that liquid meal replacements can work great for losing weight for some people.  

Another study published in the Journal of Nutrition states that people on diet or diet shakes lose weight as effectively as people on planned weight loss diets.  

Of course, you have to stick to the basic rule: eat fewer calories than you burn each day! If you follow it closely, you can lose around 2 pounds each week sustaining yourself with 1,200 to 1,500 calorie intake per day. Lunch is the time when you need to fill yourself with enough nutritional value but limit on the calories. Diet shakes typically have 200 to 400 calories with a high protein content of around 25%. They also contain fiber, vitamins and other minerals to provide for your daily nutritional intake.  

Diet Shakes can Provide Long-Term Results  

Diet shakes are not just good for helping you through your weight loss phase. You can continue to have it even after the dieting period is over and get the benefits. Research that came out in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 2001, which studied women on diet shakes. They found that women who continue to have at least one diet shake a day after the one year mark maintained their lost weight. But women who didn’t use diet shakes gained back much of their weight prior to the start of the weight loss program. You can start your weight loss by consuming two servings of diet shakes per day. Then you can move back to a single shake per day or control your intake as per requirement. But there is one thing to remember, you cannot get by having just diet shakes for all your meals. As a part of the best practices, you should also promote balanced eating and some exercise in your weekly plans about 3 times each week.  

Conclusion – How Do You Choose the Right One? 

Meal replacement meals or diet shakes are better than a lot of unhealthy options you can try. Even experts agree that it is one of the easiest and effective choices which help you lose weight while meeting your energy requirements. Just make sure you do your research and pick a quality product that fulfills the nutritional requirements and keeps you going through the day. For instance, you would need one that offers you low-calorie intake and helps you get through your workout without any worries. You also need one that does not come with any side effects and has all natural ingredients. You may even want to go in for one that comes in different flavors you wouldn’t want to taste the same thing every day, right?