Common Mistakes to Avoid when You Buy CBD Oil


There is no denying that cannabis is quickly gaining acceptance across the globe and with CBD fast growing in popularity, other cannabinoids are also benefitting from the trail blazing.  With this insurgence, unfortunately, also comes some risks. Dubious and unreliable vendors are taking advantage of the trend and producing counterfeit and low-quality CBD oil products. This makes it necessary for any user to practice caution you buy CBD oil 

Genuine and high-quality CBD oil can have remarkable results. It can help treat and manage several conditions including anxiety, glaucoma, depression, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain, among others.  

To help you pick out the best CBD oil product, herein are some common mistakes you should not make when you buy CBD oil products:   

  1. Don’t buy cheap at the expense of quality 

The market now features numerous CBD oil options, not to mention the large number of places to purchase. While this might be a good thing, it can be quite overwhelming for newbies.  

Traditionally, producing safe, pure, and proper CBD oil requires a lot of funds. As such, the many cheap versions in the market are defective products and will not offer you the results you expect. Moreover, they may also be potentially harmful to your health.  

Typically, a legitimate product will usually feature the following on their package:  

  • The extraction/production method (CO2 is the best method) 
  • The THC and CBD content (THC content MUST be under 0.3%) 
  • Source of the hemp 
  • Whether it is full-spectrum (whole plant) or a CBD isolate  

Be sure to check on each of these items.  

  1. Don’t assume you cannot get high from CBD Oil use

Besides the apparent health benefits, CBD oil is also popular because it does not make you high. The element that is known to induce this high is known as THC. Nonetheless, although CBD oil is known not to stimulate this effect, the fact that it is derived from hemp plant extracts which contain THC (although at insignificant levels) means there is a possibility it can get you high. The chances get unusually high if the method of extraction used to derive the CBD oil is not done correctly since it can produce a product with overall THC levels which can sometimes be enough to create a high.  

Genuine vendors will typically utilize proper and safe extraction methods to guarantee that the overall THC levels stay under 0.3 % (which is not enough to make a user feel high). Moreover, they will also always display the levels of THC on their product labels. As such, be sure to check on the brand details for such before you purchase it.  

  1. Don’t fail to do your homework

Although CBD is known to help cure various conditions, it also has its limits. As such, it is vital that you fully understand CBD as well as its overall effects before you make your purchase. Many vendors will claim just about anything to get you to purchase their products. If you have done proper research, you will be sure to avoid these vendors since you already know CBD’s potential. Luckily, numerous reputable websites can offer you information about the genuine qualities and abilities of the product, and this can assist you in making an informed purchase decision.  

  1. Don’t have unrealistic expectations

When it comes to promoting general health, CBD oil is almost unrivaled.  In fact, it has scientific backing to prove its effectiveness.  Nevertheless, this is not to say that CBD is a magic potion. Although some information sources claim that CBD can do virtually anything, this is of course not true. You should, therefore, be aware of having naïve expectations about what it can do.

Generally, CBD oil:  

  • Works in treating inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and Crohn’s 
  • Relieves anxiety symptoms 
  • Promotes a positive mindset 
  • Helps alleviate pain 

Although these are only a few examples of what CBD oil can do, it is not the cure for all of your medical conditions. The sooner you understand how CBD oil helps you, the more you will avoid unrealistic expectations.  Don’t just learn about what it does; take time also to identify its potential limits.  

  1. Don’t fail to perform a quality check

Lastly, it is always important to conduct an extensive quality check on the seller’s background as well as the methods they use.  

One of the most crucial factors that separate quality CBD oil from false ones is the method of extraction. Knowing the most efficient and popular extraction methods can save you money as well as a lot of trouble.  Among the most common extraction methods in use include:  

  • CO2 Cannabis Extraction: Although expensive, this is the best method of creating safe and pure CBD oil. 
  • Olive Oil Extraction: Less technical than the co2 way and can be done at home. It is not only safe but also cost less. However, it generates lower yields of lower quality. 
  • Dry Ice Extraction: This is a popular extraction method which is clean, secure, and creates decent yields. Nonetheless, it only produces low-quality yields.  
  • The Solvent Extraction: This is a dangerous and potentially harmful method. It utilizes harsh, highly flammable chemicals such as butane and hexane in CBD extraction. Avoid this method completely.  

Reputable vendors will usually highlight both their extraction methods and their lab test results. This is vital since it backs the legitimacy of the product.  Additionally, genuine products use third-party testing on their products. 


CBD oil is undoubtedly a popular product, and as such, it is not a surprise that there is a lot of information everywhere about it. However, the information can often contradict each other. As such, in order to make the best choice with your purchase, don’t take anything at face value and be sure to use common sense in your purchase decision.   

With these five guidelines, we hope that you will feel confident when you buy CBD oil products since you already know what to check out for and how to chooses the best product. Check out New Labs CBD for the highest quality, safe, CBD oil products as well as additional educational information about CBD oil.