Choose Easy Breezy Beautiful Eye Makeup Collections for Your Eyes


Eye makeup makes the eyes beautiful and attractive and enhances your face value. A female gives more importance to spending time on eyes like on mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, eye lashes, eye primer, eye brows and under eye concealer. Females are mostly focused on particular brands to buy eyes beauty product. Generally, women are so conscious regarding them makeup and skin beauty. Every woman uses makeup regardless of age. Eyes have more defining features and giving it proper make up you can look pretty and stunning which will surely turn heads around.


Eye shadow is a type of eye makeup applied on eyelids and under the eyebrows. Ardell eye shadow gives a smoldering looks and blends able shadows. It glides on smoothly without a mess. Absolute New York eye shadow comes with a large mirror luxurious palette and has a dual-ended brush. Jeffree Star Cosmetics eye shadow palette comes with three variants- frost, matte, glitter and has 10 shades. Ofra eye shadow comes with strong pigment to provide long lasting effect and has metallic look. Alix Avien eye shadow has a shimmering look and pressed tightly and not of loose type. The Balm nude dude palette is a big hit and pigment is beautifully packed and palette gives glittering look. Kara Beauty eye shadow gives highly pigmented color which compliments every skin type.

Eye Primer

Ardell eye primer uses the intensified color which makes eye shadows last all day. Absolute New York eye primer is free from oil and fragrance and is of lightweight category. Jeffree Star Cosmetics eye primer prevents eye shadows from creasing and helps it the last longer. Ofra eye primer has an excellent base and uses more vivid colors. Alix Avien eye primer is glittery and creates a perfect base for eye makeup. The Balm eye primer is wet and wild and works well if you give a minute to dry. Kara Beauty eye primer is of long wear base type and prolongs look of eye makeup.

Eye Liner

Ardell eye liner boosts lashes giving extraordinarily look. Absolute New York eye liner is a smash – buckling quality and gives extra oomph to eyes. Jeffree Star Cosmetics eye liner gives looks designer edge and is of shimmering quality. Ofra eye liner glides smoothly like a dream with precision. Alix Avien eye liner run is very easy and is famous for its retention qualities. The Balm eye liner is thin and tapered and has got subtle strokes. Kara Beauty eye liner is angled and is ideal for beginners and professionals.

Eye Brows

Ardell provides complete eye brows grooming kit which sets brows in place all day. Absolute New York provides excellent eye brow enhancer with a super slim pencil. Jeffree Star Cosmetics provides different and unique colors for eye brows lashing. Ofra eye brow pencil is second only to none and eye brow gel is semi-permanent. Alix Avien eye brow pencil is lightweight gives perfect coverage. The Balm provides long wearing brow filler that is renowned for its uniqueness. Kara Beauty brow has a standard formula that acts as a primer and smoothly runs on skin and hair.

Eye Lashes

Ardell eye lashes patterns are according to consumer’s mood and lifestyle. Absolute New York eye lashes provide glamour and are called fablashes. Ofra eye lasher brush works with an anti-static formula and lengthens or thickens the eye lashes. Alix Avien eye lashes brush intensifies the look with its every sweep. The Balm eye lasher gives the false lashes effect exploring every little part of our lashes. Kara Beauty lashes are made up of human hair and provide a natural look and high-volume lashes.


Ardell mascara uses fiber – building formula and special hourglass shape create faux lash finish in a single step. Absolute New York takes the lashes to a great length and flawless definition. Jeffree Star Cosmetics mascara is of roller lash curling type. Ofra provides high definition volumizing mascara. Mascara lengthens, thickens without clumping. Alix Avien mascara is Volumatic and gives luscious look. The Balm mascara comes with an injection molded wand which transforms lashes to a unique look. Kara Beauty makes CBD oil mascara which conditions the lashes and helps prevent breakage. 

Under Eye Concealer

Ardell under eye concealer is lightweight, reusable and ultimate in comfort. Absolute New York makes the concealed area hydrated and smooth. Jeffree Star Cosmetics under eye concealer removes all the creases completely under the eye. Ofra concealer banishes blemishes, dark spots and under eye circles. Alix Avien concealer is applicable for the covering of under bruise and hyper pigmentation stain. The Balm concealer provides full coverage to the affected area to every minute detail. Kara Beauty makes 35 color concealer which is made of talc, mica etc.