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Whenever it comes to eye makeup, it is important you do it right so as to get that fine perfected look. Eye makeup is an art that one gets to understand better with practice. When eye makeup is applied correctly it can last the whole day and at the same time give you a fresh refined look throughout the day. Eye makeup requires one to have the basic requirements which are; concealer, primer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and of course eye brushes. However, of all these products it is important that you choose the best eye primer. A good primer is applied as a base and it helps your eyeshadow to hold through sweat, oil produced by the skin and rain. Also, ensure to selected eyeshadow that has a darker hue as it will easily show on your eyelids with less application.

How to apply eye primer

Eye primer helps maintain your makeup longer and giving your eye a smooth finish. You should choose a primer that matches your skin complexion or one that is slightly lighter in color. Choosing the right color of your eye primer gives you a more natural look and won’t introduce any pigmentation to your eyeshadow.

i. Put a drop of primer on your fingertip and dab it on to the eyelid in a thin layer. This is influenced by the texture of the primer the most common forms are cream, gel, liquid or stick form. If using a stick primer just draw lightly on the eyelids so as nottoverdothe primer.

ii. Blend in the primer by tapping gently and rapidly on the eyelid. It is crucial that you choose the right finish for your primer. If you have oily skin, a matte finish is suitable as it tends to keep the skin dry. If you have a dry skin, try using a gel-based finish which tends to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin on your eyelids.

iii. Perform the same procedure on the lower eyelid and then repeat on the other eye.

How to apply eyeshadow

Eyeshadow application is one of the easiest steps when it comes to eye makeup routine. First off you need an eye brush preferably one with round bristles, a light neutral shade, and a dark eyeshadow. It is also important you choose the right eyeshadow. Powdered eyeshadow is usually more difficult to apply while cream eyeshadow is easier to apply but it tends to form wrinkles more easily.

i. Run your brush over the light eyeshade and make sure to remove any excess shadow

ii. Apply the light shade in small strokes across the entire eyelid moving from the eyelash line to slightly above the crease while staying below the brows. Applying the eyeshadow this way will help it to stick better and also give it a firm appearance. The brush strokes should be towards the same direction and done slowly to avoid creating messy and unattractive shades.

iii. Run your brush over the darker shade and remove the excess shadow. To create a perfect outline, start by applying to the area above the top lashes then apply across the eye from the crease using semi-circle strokes from the outer corner of the eye to the center of the eyelid. Be careful not to darken the center of the eyelid too much. Then blend in the colors by sweeping the brush over the lid several times. 

Perform step one to three on the other eye to get a balanced look. To get a darker color repeat the above steps using more eyeshadow. Eyeshadow application is versatile and one can choose several styles that tend to blend and match their mood. Eyeshadows can be applied as a smoky eye effect, banana style, the rounded style and fanned eyeshadow,

You can try using Nude beach eyeshadow palette by The Balm, Icon Exposed by Absolute New York and Ofra eyeshadow which comes in several colors.

How to apply Eye Liner

Eye Liner is known to improve your eye makeup. However, it is important you learn to do it right to avoid a crooked line that is messy and thick. You will need; a sharpener, shadow brush, dark eye pencil and dark eyeshadow. Eye liner can be liquid or pencil form. Pencil eyeliners are more versatile and easy to use, unlike liquid eyeliners which tend to run into the eyes.

i. Always ensure you use a sharpened eye pencil to reduce chances of bacterial infection and to assure a clean application.

ii. Close your eye and pull the top eyelid with your index finger making it tight. Then draw small light dots as close as you can to the lash line creating a small dotted line.

iii. Using an eye brush with stiff bristles and a slanted tip, dip the brush in eyeshadow and run across the dotted line making sure to blur out all the dots.

iv. Use the same brush on your lower lid starting from the outer corner of the eye to the middle working just below the lash line. Repeat this procedure for the other eye.

Ofra eyeliner pencils, Shimmer Eyeliner by Absolute New York and Glittering Eye Liner by Alix Avien, come in many different hues allowing you to achieve that perfect look that matches your personality and mood.

How to apply under eye concealer

Dark circles below the skin are common especially when you don’t get enough quality sleep. Under eye concealers allow your eyes to look brighter and hence making you appear lively. However, wearing under eye concealer can be challenging in almost all types of weather. On a hot day, the concealer tends to melt while on cold days it tends to establish itself into lines while looking dry.

To ensure perfect application you need; a concealer, translucent powder, eye cream and a rounded makeup brush.

i. Pour a drop of cream on your index finger, dab a little eye cream just below the eyelid. Select an eye cream that contains vitamin K, which acts as a skin brightening ingredient.

ii. Apply the concealer especially one with yellow undertones to neutralize the color of the dark circles. Use a thin brush and start working from the inner part of the eyelid.

iii. Allow the concealer to sit for several minutes and blend with your skin color.

iv. Apply a little powder on the concealer to limit shininess and to hold in the concealer throughout the day.

Suitable conceal products you can try include; Derma tones and Magic Roullete from Ofra and Alix Avien concealer which comes in several shades.

How to highlight your Eyebrows

Highlighted eyebrows appear well defined giving your face an awesome glow to it. A light neutral eyeshadow is the most suitable for highlighting your brows. First off, you should trim or pluck your eyebrows to achieve a perfect curve. Using an eye pencil draw a faint line under the bro to achieve a perfect arch. Fill in the brow softly using light strokes of a brush. Then clean up your eyebrows using a concealer and a concealer brush make sure to clean above and below the eyebrows the blend them out.

i. Swipe your finger on the light eyeshadow and dab gently on the brow bone while moving outwards

ii. Blend out the light shadow to finish your look.

iii. Repeat this procedure on the other eyebrow.

How to curl your lashes

Curled eyelashes tend to look bigger, longer and are more beautiful. You need an eyelash curler in order to curl your lashes perfectly.

i. Blow hot air on to the curler using a blow dryer for about two seconds then use it to curl your lashes. Always test whether the curler is too hot by placing it over your hand to avoid burning your eyelids.

Repeat this procedure on all eyelashes.

How to apply mascara

Mascara makes your eyes appear brighter and lively. It also makes your eyelashes to appear thicker. To achieve perfect application, you will require; mascara, a mascara wand, and a lash curler.

i. Choose the right mascara depending on its color, uniformity and whether it is waterproof. Waterproof mascara is suitable if you plan to perform activities that involve getting wet such as swimming. If you have sparse eyelashes, you can opt for a volumizing mascara which bulks up the lashes while at the same time keeping them healthy. You can use lengthening mascara if you have short eyelashes. A lengthening mascara is best when used on full eyelashes that need to be lengthened and well defined. Some types of mascara can also contain panthenol a compound that helps in mending damaged eyelashes.

ii. Curl your lashes using a lash curler. Place it at the base of the lashes and close it holding it in place for several seconds.

iii. Turn the wand in a circular motion to get the mascara on it. Wipe off the excess mascara using a tissue paper to avoid clumping on your eyelashes.

Coat your eyelashes starting from the base. Use a wiggling motion to get more product on the roots of the lashes. While applying mascara, it is easier to keep your eyes open by looking up and to avoid blinking keep your mouth open.

Comb out the clumps that hold lashes together using a clean wand. You can then apply a second coat on the eyelashes. This coat dries faster and it can be a different type of mascara. You can use a lengthening mascara as the base and coat it with a waterproof mascara.

Repeat this procedure on the other lashes

Some amazing mascara products include; Splash Party by Ardell Waterproof mascara, Alix Avien Volumatic mascara and Las Pump Volume mascara by Absolute New York.

When applying all makeup, always ensure that your skin is properly cleansed to avoid bacterial accumulation. Also be keen to use clean brushes as they allow you to place and blend out hues more easily.

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