All About Cleaning Your Carpet: Indianapolis, Indiana – Stain Removing Tips and Tricks


Getting stains on carpets is an inevitable thing no matter how careful you are. Foods and beverages always manage their ways onto them. Because of this, it is important to know how to deal with the different types of stains when they do get on the carpet. Read through our suggestions and tips below to be enlightened on the best ways to get rid of stains. Chem-Dry’s Stainless Remover is water based and oil based, providing a superior clean. Your carpet Indianapolis provider should offer this method of cleaning.

It will be much easier to remove the stains if the carpet in your home has been treated using Chem-Dry’s Protectant. It is worth noting that difficult and stubborn stains might need a local Chem-Dry carpet and upholstery cleaning professional to do Specialty Stains Removal analysis.

Seven Stain Removing Tips for Your Home

1. When your carpet gets a stain you should try to remove the it within the shortest time possible. This is because if the stain remains on the carpet for a long time it will get deeper in the fibers and this will make it harder to remove.

2. It is also very helpful to know the kinds of the stains you are dealing with and the fabric it is on. The importance of this is that different types of stains need to be removed in different ways. You need to differentiate between oil or water-based stains so as to know how to proceed. Furthermore, different types of fabrics also require different techniques to remove the stains. 

3. Another helpful tip is to ensure that you remove as much of the stain as possible using methods such as brushing, scrapping or blotting. This is helpful because it minimizes the damage that is done by the stain. While doing this you should ensure that you avoid rubbing the stain for this makes it even harder to remove. 

4. While seeking to remove stains from a carpet it is also important to test the fabrics and carpets prior to cleaning. The most ideal way of doing this test is spraying a small quantity of Chem-Dry Grease and Oil remover or Chem-Dry Professional Strength Stain Remover on a small area. You should then blot dry and proceed to observe any changes that might happen for about ten minutes. After the ten minutes you should be able to observe any changes that might occur such as color removal or visible discoloration. This will assure you that you are using a substance that will not cause further damage to the carpet. 

5. While cleaning the stain on the carpet it is also paramount to work from outside to the inside. This is helpful because it prevents the stains from rapidly spreading further and as a result it becomes easier to remove it. A competent professional can certainly help you with this step. Any good  carpet Indianapolis provider will offer stain prevention as an option.

6. In case the outlined techniques fail to work, it is advisable to call Chem-Dry. They will ensure that the issue is dealt with quickly and professionally.

7. Get a professional from Chem-Dry to apply Powerguard Protector every time after cleaning your carpet. The importance of this is that it protects the carpet from the harsh stains which might easily damage it. Your carpet Indianapolis installer can help you to remove the stains that accumulate after purchase.

To properly understand how to handle the different types of stains, it is paramount to know the difference between water-based stains and oil-based stains. The water-based stains include; milk, tea, acne med, beer, ammonia, food coloring, tea, starch, toothpaste, wet grout, cheese, liquor, dye, beetroot, berries, grass, candy, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, wet glue, wine, vomit, ketchup, ice cream, starch, fruit juices, egg and blood among others. These water-based stains should be removed using Chem-Dry Professional Strength Spot.

The most common oil-based stains include; paint, machine oil, cooking oil, shoe polish, adhesive tape, make-up, crayon, ointment, lamp oil, butter, caulk, mascara, hair oil, Vaseline, furniture polish, soot, glue, grease, gum, nail polish, mayonnaise, tree sap, tar and nail polish among others. These particular stains should be removed using Chem-Dry Grease and Oil Remover. While using both the substances, it is always important to be careful. Using them in the wrong manner can easily do damage. Your carpet Indianapolis provider will be able to help you with any of your questions regarding cleaning and preventing stains on your expensive investment.